A method for storing electricity in bricks has been developed

A method for storing electricity in bricks has been developed


2020-08-13 07:15:00

Researchers from the University of Washington have proposed an innovative manner to show traditional crimson bricks into strength garage devices. The developers said that "smart bricks" will no longer be too high-priced and can be used to shop strength – just like batteries. Scientists believe that any such discovery makes it viable to mention that inside the future, such bricks will become the main building material. In order to make a brick device for storing electricity, experts added a polymer coating that has conductive houses. 

- The homes of the future may be made totally from such baked bricks, - professionals stated. – Only fifty bricks within the wall of the constructing can offer a 100% emergency lights of the whole perimeter for 5 hours. Moreover, brick walls take up so much space that it is truly crook no longer to use it in any way – it can have a double reason. The new layer of polymer conductor is called "PEDOT". The coating without difficulty penetrates the structure of the brick due to its porosity, after which reacts with a crimson pigment, that's iron oxide or simply rust. 

After penetration, the polymerization response starts and turns the brick into an "ion sponge" that accumulates and conducts energy. - This method has proven itself nicely each in operating with ordinary and recycled bricks, - the chemists pressured.


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