Amazon will place 3,200 satellites around the Earth

Amazon will place 3,200 satellites around the Earth


2020-08-06 12:43:00

The US Federal communications Commission (FCC) has authorized Amazon's utility to location 3,236 Kuiper worldwide Internet machine spacecraft in earth orbit. According to the phrases of the permit, at least 50% of the satellites should be launched via July 30, 2026, and the relaxation — by way of July 30, 2029.

The company has now not but posted any plans to launch Kuiper satellites. It is best recognized that the constellation will be deployed in five sages. During the first of them, 578 vehicles can be positioned into orbit.

In the near destiny, Amazon will ought to provide the FCC with particular information approximately the layout of satellites. The enterprise is also required to develop a plan to combat space debris, with a purpose to necessarily rise up all through the deployment of the Kuiper device.


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