An abnormal behavior of the Earth's magnetic field was detected

An abnormal behavior of the Earth's magnetic field was detected


2020-07-23 10:48:25

Scientists at the University of Liverpool determined that a magnetic anomaly in the South Atlantic Ocean existed as early as 8-11 million years ago. This shows that the weird behavior of the magnetic field is repeated and is not a sign of a coming near reversal of The earth's magnetic poles. This is pronounced in an article posted inside the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers analyzed igneous rocks at the island of Saint Helena, that's positioned within the center of the South Atlantic anomaly, which allowed them to discover the state of the magnetic subject several million years in the past. It turned out that the magnetic lines deviated notably from the route of the North pole. According to scientists, that is the first time they have got discovered about the risky conduct of the magnetic area on any such long timescale.

The South Atlantic anomaly is a place characterized through a massive lower inside the magnetic discipline power as compared to other areas on the equal latitudes. Since this reduces safety from harmful cosmic radiation, there are common disasters on Board satellites and spacecraft over this location.


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