An asteroid is approaching earth

An asteroid is approaching earth: the scientist estimated the risk of a collision


2020-10-19 06:00:00

This may happen before the USA presidential election.

One case out of 240. This is how we assessed the danger of asteroid 2018 VP1 getting into the Earth's atmosphere the day earlier than American presidential election.

The asteroid in 2018 VP1 belongs to the institution of Apollo. The celestial body with a diameter of two to four meters become located in 2018 by professionals working on the Little Palomar Observatory (California, USA). According to astronomers, the probability of a risky technique to it for our planet is 0.Four percent. If this occurs, it'll input the environment of our planet at a distance of much less than a hundred thousand kilometers. However, this does not threaten the Earth with severe cataclysms, on the grounds that such a small frame is possibly to expend in dense layers. In the case of a greater strong composition of the uninvited guest, its fall is possible, however it is unlikely to be observed via anybody.

According to calculations, the proportion of collisions with the asteroid 2018 VP1 again in August turned into about zero.Five percent. This is not a totally small chance, given that it generally seems like a variety of with a few zeros after the decimal point for other asteroids. On the opposite hand, the astroid data is truely inadequate for a more accurate forecast. If the diameter of a celestial body is just a few meters, it's going to theoretically be to be had for remark in a few hours before the flyby. But considering that it will method the Earth from the route of the Sun, this is, from the "invisible" facet for the observer, it will be very difficult to stumble on it.


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