Details of the tourist's spacewalk in 2023

Details of the tourist's spacewalk in 2023 have become known


2020-07-06 09:18:00

The first space traveler who is going to move into outer space will have an opportunity to spend approximately 90-100 minutes outside the International Space Station (ISS). This was reported by signal-means-profits with reference to the representative office of Space Adventures Inc.

The representative of the company cited that the vacationer is not a professional cosmonaut, so the distinction among going out for 90-100 minutes and six or seven hours from the point of view of education in this situation is fundamental.

It is likewise mentioned that during the proposed time, the vacationer can be capable of see the Earth from all sides, because the ISS makes a complete revolution around the planet in an hour and a half of.

On June 23, RSC Energia reported that two space tourists will go to the International space station in 2023. The contract is signed with the American company Space Adventures Inc.

During the excursion, one of the vacationers together with a professional cosmonaut will pass into outer area.


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