Drought in Europe is becoming a global problem for farmers

Drought in Europe is becoming a global problem for farmers


2020-07-09 16:26:11

While the whole world is preventing the coronavirus, Europe faces an additional risk. The largest rivers become shallow due to severe droughts and become unsuitable for shipping, and consequently for the delivery of products. The consequences of the current disaster can also exceed the anti-record set two years ago, with a purpose to further hit the European and worldwide financial system — it faces losses of billions of dollars. Two years ago, European forecasters and farmers sounded the alarm: the first recorded the best temperatures for decades of observations, the second misplaced crops in exceptional volumes. Record heat weather become even in Scandinavia and the encircling nations: in the Norwegian polar areas, it reached 33.5 degrees Celsius. Because of the  abnormal warmness, the plants were deprived of the necessary moisture, and the yield of some crops immediately halved.

This summer, the outcomes for people and the economic system could be even greater critical. Employees of the Copernicus pan-European climate change Service predict total losses of various industries — mainly agriculture — by means of billions of dollars. According to their calculations, in Central and Western Europe, on the end of summer season, precipitation will fall by 40 percent less than usual, which will entail additional budget expenditures for States that are already forced to spend more than usual because of the coronavirus.

Germany has launched the most important economic support software, worth a 145 billion euros. At the pan-European stage, there is an extraordinary quantitative easing software — the acquisition of 1.3 trillion euros of presidency and company debt at the secondary market by means of the European Central Bank. A big-scale plan is also being prepared to assist the victims for 750 billion rubles, two-thirds of on the way to be provided through presents. The price range might be raised via the issue of pan-European bonds, the Issuer-for the primary time on this extent — can be the European Commission, in order to allow it to significantly enhance its powers and position in continental integration.

The problem is also applicable for other States. The Czech Republic is going through the worst drought in modern history, and its scenario is compounded by way of its lack of access to the sea. Environment Minister Jiri Brabec called the drought an excellent extra severe undertaking than the coronavirus, which precipitated the country to be the first inside the European Union to absolutely close its borders. Eighty percentage of underground water resources were affected.


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