Enthusiast created working grappling hook with arm

Enthusiast created working grappling hook with arm


2021-01-03 14:15:00

Enthusiast has created a working grappling hook with an arm mount - better than Legendbusters

The author of Built IRL has presented his own version of the grappling hook with an electric winch, one of the most popular gadgets in comics and video games. Earlier attempts to assemble such a device were undertaken by several bloggers-inventors and even "Mythbusters", this option may be the best of all.

The Built IRL hook attaches to the wrist and works completely autonomously - no extra battery pack or belay is required (although a climbing belt can be attached to take the strain off your hand). The device allows you to shoot a 14-meter paracord with a metal hook, and then be attracted to it using an electric motor with a capacity of up to 10 kilowatts.

In the video, the creator of the hook said that it took him more than a year to design, assemble and configure the firmware - he managed to successfully hook onto the ceiling in an indoor entertainment center with trampolines and climb a tall tree.

However, the reliability still needs to be improved - the rope soon frayed against a metal beam, and if the jerk was too strong against the tree, the motor refused. In addition, the hook does not always cling to the first time; when trying to climb a tree, it was necessary to step aside so that the rope was held securely.


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