EU scientists are bringing the technology of the hydrogen economy closer

EU scientists are bringing the technology of the hydrogen economy closer


2020-06-29 09:13:00

Hydrogen is the most abundant element within the Universe, and the hopes for a mass transition to clean energy are based totally on this element.


According to analysts, via 2050, hydrogen technology can meet about a quarter of all EU gasoline needs: they will offer enough energy to fuel 42 million cars, a couple of and a 1/2 million trucks and 1 / 4 of one million buses.


In Gothenburg, Sweden, Powercell Sweden is approaching the era of the hydrogen economy with an eye to introducing new fuel cell modules in the automotive and marine transport sectors.


The business enterprise's specialists notice that their purpose is to apply hydrogen obtained from renewable resources. If this situation is met, the technique chain will become environmentally neutral.


To absolutely take advantage of the capability of hydrogen, the EU has blanketed it in a list of six strategic areas that require priority policy decisions and investment.


"This is very, very essential, and it is not simplest about financial aid, but also about the possibility to work intently with clients, automobile construction agencies, as well as with major suppliers and research institutes," says Per Ekdunge.


Despite the huge potential of the sector, the deployment of infrastructure for the hydrogen financial system remains a daunting task. The joint technology initiative on fuel cells and hydrogen (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking), a joint program of the European Commission, industry and scientists, is designed to step up efforts in this direction.


He also added that the platform he leads is interested in innovations supplied by using small marketers and startups. "If you have a good idea that meets our goals, we could finance it. But more importantly, we will offer you a unique platform through which you can connect with other businesses and research centers. Who knows, maybe one day you will create a strategic alliance yourself."


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