Germany assessed the danger of liquefied gas

Germany assessed the danger of liquefied gas for the environment


2020-10-12 08:15:00

The German authorities have assessed the danger of liquefied gasoline for the surroundings, reviews the

The reaction of the Ministry of environmental protection to the request of the "green" faction inside the Bundestag States that liquefied herbal fuel produced using hydraulic fracturing era (fracking) is just as harmful to the climate as coal. At the same time, it reasons greater harm to the surroundings than fuel extracted from conventional fields and added through fuel pipelines.

The German authorities agree with that herbal gas can replace coal and oil during the transition duration. However, whilst assessing environmental harm, it is important to bear in mind atmospheric emissions from mining and transportation.

The use of shale gas does not have a fine effect on reaching the goals that Germany has set for itself inside the field of weather protection, the file says. Finally, fracking poses severe dangers to soil and groundwater.

Fracking entails pumping an aggregate of water, sand, and chemical compounds via a strain riser beneath hydraulic strain to an excellent intensity and breaking difficult rock. Natural gas is released from the dense rock and flows to the floor.

Environmentalists accept as true with that this approach increases the probability of nearby earthquakes and threatens to contaminate water sources. However, Germany plans to extend purchases of liquefied gasoline from America and is constructing the essential terminals.


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