Google has created a digital camera for 3D videos

Google has created a digital camera for 3D videos


2020-06-22 07:03:00

Researchers from Google have created algorithms so a camera can be shooting three-dimensional movies. The digicam consists of a transparent polymer hemisphere with 46 separate small action cameras with 4K resolution fixed inside, they all are connected to each other and shoot synchronized video.


According to the developers, special algorithms remodel the video into an array of hemispherical layers, each of which incorporates information about colour, transparency, and intensity. Each video is divided into one hundred sixty layers with a resolution of 1800 by 1350 pixels, then the algorithm combines every 8 layers, and creates a polygon grid in each of them. Then the image is superimposed on it as a texture.


As a result, the developed camera allows the user to move his head and see the video from any angle and direction placed within the 70-cm hemisphere. The resulting videos were tested for compression. Depending on the scene being shot, the bitrate of the video stream become approximately 150-300 megabits per second, which makes it possible to apply this algorithm for streaming realistic volumetric video to customers of VR helmets on the Gigabit Internet.


The developers have posted on their web page several examples of videos and static frames in which the angle may be modified through shifting the cursor.


Also, the Google Chrome group will start to remove concepts that hint at racism. Developers will take away phrases including "blacklist" and "whitelist" from the browser.


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