Korea develops transparent solar panels

Korea develops transparent solar panels


2021-01-24 11:15:00

Korea develops transparent solar panels that can be embedded in smartphones and windows. Previously, a similar technology was presented by scientists from the United States.

Korean researcher Jundong Kim published an article on the design of transparent solar panels based on titanium dioxide and nickel oxide - in the future, these can be used in construction and in the production of electronics.

Transparency will significantly expand the scope of solar panels and increase the amount of "clean" energy collected in cities. Such panels can be used, for example, instead of window panes or as an additional layer of a smartphone screen.

However, one should not expect the appearance of such solutions in the coming years - at the moment the technology is not ready for commercial use. The conversion rate of sunlight to energy does not exceed 2.1%, which is barely enough for a panel the size of a smartphone to be able to power a miniature electric motor.

Previously, researchers from the University of Michigan showed a similar technology. The efficiency of their solution is about 1%, but in the future this figure is going to be brought to 5%. Conventional solar panels have efficiencies of the order of 16-19%, but transparent panels can potentially cover significantly larger areas.


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