NASA announced the launch of a new Rover

NASA announced the launch of a new Mars Rover


2020-07-30 09:39:00

NASA will launch the Perseverance Rover to search for existence and prepare for future manned missions. The launch at Cape Canaveral is scheduled for Thursday, July 30. It is stated that the Agency's internet site will broadcast the shipment live. The launch of the Rover can be done by using an Atlas V launch vehicle.

It is estimated that it'll reach the red planet in February 2021. After touchdown the unit will function inside the location of the crater Ezero. Presumably, it was formerly a Martian lake and therefore ;may carry traces of potentially possible life on this planet in the past,"the Agency writes, referring to the

The search for evidence a good way to verify the life inside the beyond of the necessary conditions for life on Mars, the sampling of soil samples - the principle responsibilities for the Perseverance apparatus. Along with collecting data, it'll photograph the environment. Scientists expect that all this will help better prepare future manned missions. According to NASA, the estimated life of the machine is 687 earth days or two Martian years.


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