New results of tests of vaccines against coronavirus

New results of tests of vaccines against coronavirus


2020-06-13 22:15:00

The American biotechnology organization Moderna has released initial result of the COVID-19 vaccine tests. Testing on mice showed that the vaccine did not increase the risk of severe course of the disease, which scientists had previously worried about.


Scientists from Massachusetts injected the drug to mice once or twice, also they injected small doses, which are not sufficient to trigger a protecting immune response. After that, the animals had been infected with coronavirus. Experiments have proven that a single dose of the drug is enough to protect against a new virus. However, this does not mean that the vaccine can have a similar effect on the human body, according to notes. A human trial of the drug is scheduled for July. 30 thousand people will take part within this experiment.


Scientists worried that the vaccine could worse the course of disease, as the vaccine for the SARS virus — a relative of COVID-19.Then it turned out that the vaccine increases the risk of severe disease, especially for people with weak immune systems.


Moderna started out testing the vaccine in March, and in May reported a successful human trial. This is not the only company in United States that is testing a drug for a new coronavirus. Novavax, which is sponsored by billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates, is also involved in clinical trials.


At the same time, at least 5 different vaccines are beneath development in different nations around the world.


As we know, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands have joined an Alliance to jointly provide a coronavirus vaccine to all EU countries after the drug is created. Currently, negotiations are underway with several companies that are developing drugs, the German Ministry of Health stated on Saturday, June 13.


"Many countries of the world have already acquired a vaccine, but Europe has not yet," said the head of the German Ministry of Health, Jens Spahn, stating that coordinated actions of European countries group during the crisis may be very useful for all EU members. He also stated that in the future, the EU countries and the European Commission intend to act even faster in crisis situations.


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