Plastic is made more transparent and electrically conductive

Plastic is made more transparent and electrically conductive


2020-07-16 10:23:04

Attempts to improve touch screens, led panels, and infrared solar cells embedded in windows led researchers from American and Chinese universities to create a transparent conductive plastic, whose light transmission ability passed the best of conventional non-conductive material.

To create a new kind of conducting material, developers used a sandwich structure. The conducting metallic part in it is clamped among 2 insulating layers.

"We have discovered a method for production coatings with excessive transparency and conductivity, low turbidity, extremely good flexibility, ease of manufacture, and incredible compatibility with various surfaces," said Professor Jay Guo, who led the studies.

The team of researchers who created transparent conductive plastic believes that by experimenting with different materials, they will be able to create flexible and transparent sandwich-type conductors. Research has  a direct practical meaning – such substances are eagerly awaited by means of producers of solar panels, as well as special coatings for windows which could absorb infrared radiation and convert it into electricity, leaving a visible spectrum for room lighting. Conductive obvious plastic is also useful for improving the exceptional of interactive presentations and heated vehicle windshields.


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