SpaceX received a contract from the Pentagon

SpaceX received a contract from the Pentagon


2020-08-10 14:02:00

Elon Musk's SpaceX business enterprise acquired an agreement really worth a total of $316 million from the Pentagon. As a part of the agreement, SpaceX will conduct some of the launches of spacecraft for the USA military inside the period from 2022 to 2027.

According to the posted record, launches may be performed from the spaceports at Cape Canaveral (Florida) and Vandenberg (California).In addition to SpaceX, the $337 million settlement become offered to the United Launch Alliance (ULA) consortium. Their launches also are deliberate from 2022 to 2027.

That will start a space organization

In total, SpaceX and ULA will carry out approximately 34 missions for the United States Department of defence and the National intelligence Agency. SpaceX bills for forty percent of launches, and ULA will have 60%.

United Launch Alliance plans to perform launches on a two-level Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle. SpaceX will use the Falcon Nine and Falcon Heavy to release army satellites. Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman also took element in the competition, however they had been rejected and expressed their disappointment about it.

Other SpaceX contracts

It is worth citing that Elon Musk's organization may also deliver astronauts and load to the International Space Station – formerly, American astronauts used the offerings of Roscosmos and their Soyuz spacecraft for this cause.

On the eve of SpaceX correctly again from area astronauts Robert Benken and Douglas Hurley, who went to the ISS on May 30 this year. The go back of the astronauts became the final level of the demonstration mission Crew Dragon Demo-2, which proved the viability of the personal business enterprise SpaceX to deliver humans to the ISS.

Now NASA will use the services of the corporation SpaceX. It is worth noting that earlier NASA agreed to apply Crew Dragon on situation of running new Falcon 9 ships and missiles in each of the missions, however later the Agency still agreed to use the ships and missiles once more.


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