Super-white paint will reduce the cost of cooling buildings

Super-white paint will reduce the cost of cooling buildings


2020-07-13 09:09:30

Buildings in hot climates traditionally try to paint white, because it effectively reflects the sun's rays. A group of scientists from the University of California reviews a major breakthrough – they managed to create a super-white paint that reflects almost all the light falling on it.

The opportunities of white paint in terms of cooling homes  have been known for a long time. A 2012 NASA study, for example, claims that the white coating can reduce the peak temperature of New York City's roofs by as much as 24 °C. At the moment, the first-class available paint on the market reflects about eighty-five percent of sunlight and absorbs the rest. The team from California controlled to improve this indicator with the aid of making a couple of technological modifications to the recipe.

A key aspect of modern reflective paints is titanium oxide. It efficiently reflects most of the visible and near-infrared radiation, but absorbs red and ultraviolet mild. During the experiments, scientists have discovered a very good substitute for it - the pigment Barite from the artists field and also Teflon.

Changes in the recipe have increased the efficiency of light reflection in paint to an unbelievable 98 % – and this may substantially leduce the cost of cooling buildings. Moreover, the production of new paint can be established on the equipment already available to manufacturers.


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