Most effective methods of selling goods and services

Most effective methods of selling goods and services


2020-02-23 08:53:00

Initially, it is worth noting that there is no magic formulas in sales that will do everything instead you. What is optimal for one seller and one company may not make another seller profit at all, and therefore it is necessary to choose "your" sales method through trial and error, but considering the specifics of the business and the qualities of the seller.

There are really a lot of sales methods themselves, it’s impossible to consider all the possible variations, and therefore I propose to go over the basics, where your own methods can already be built:

Customer oriented sales.

Based on a complete binding to a specific client. In this case, the seller does not "push" the goods, but becomes a kind of consultant who is ready to help the client solve the problem. Suitable in collaboration with several large customers, providing constant demand.

SNAP sales.

The whole point of this method lies in the name, SNAP:

keep it Simple;

be iNvaluable;

always Align;

raise Priorities.

In a way, the philosophy of “become like a customer” works here, it’s something like sellers, whose juice extractor also broke yesterday, and they bought this one for 20 thousand, because it is the coolest and the best. This method is more suitable for mass sales, if there is a constant flow of different customers. No one even remembers what you are talking about, because after 15 minutes it turns out that the seller did not break down the juicer, but the washing machine, and he knows which one he will buy.

Conceptual sales.

The bottom line is that you need to sell not a product, but a solution to the problem. That is, each potential client has some problems that he needs to solve. The seller’s task is not to “push” the goods, but to understand the customer’s need and solve his problem, so the customer will independently make a purchase decision.

Spin sales.

Everything here also lies in the name, SPIN:


Problem ;



In fact, these words hide the essence of potential questions to the client. The seller must competently build a conversation on these points. We start with the general and come to the particular. The seller’s task in this case is to direct the client in the right direction, and he himself must actually make decisions. A distinctive feature of this method is a rather large amount of "conversational" work, which means that the seller must have good knowledge and be a good talker.>

Sandler's system.

This system is based on the fact that not only the seller is interested in concluding a transaction, the buyer also has his own interests, and therefore also has to contribute. The Sandler system offers sellers not to forget about their sense of dignity and not to agree to a deal on the terms of the client, if this is not beneficial to the seller himself. In most cases, a situation occurs when the buyer chases the seller.

It’s not only useful for sellers to know this information, but also for buyers, because in this case you will understand how you are being pressured and how to deal with it.


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