Passive income. Does money flow to you like a river?

Passive income. Does money flow to you like a river?


2020-04-12 20:19:00

Passive income. Does money flow to you like a river?

A nice wording is "passive income." Many imagine the following situation - you are lying and doing nothing, and the money is pouring into you like a river!

With ordinary people, this option is most likely impossible. Because even if they have in their hands a more or less decent round figure - a million, then they are unlikely to be able to live peacefully and not deny themselves anything. Under the best conditions, they will determine their million in any bank at 7-8% per annum, and this, frankly, is about nothing! Block inflation and okay!

Ordinary people will not be able to successfully invest in securities or other similar things, since they do not teach financial literacy at schools and universities about how and how to earn money.

I remember that I had a lecture at the university and we talked there about passive income, etc. I don’t remember what the teacher was talking about in detail, but I remembered well what she said "and don’t try to climb on the forex"! So much for financial literacy.


The following is written about passive income on the Internet.

1. Create a YouTube channel and promote interesting videos. And how much strength, energy, ideas they need for this they do not write. I dismiss ideas of this kind as a variant of passive income. You don’t lie on the stove, but most likely you will be busy with the canal all day.

2. Rent an apartment. Also so-so passive income. Well, if it's a long-term lease, I’ve passed and forgot. Of course, you can consider it as an option. But if this is an apartment for days, then you are attached to it forever! Pass the keys at a convenient time for the client, pick them up, clean before and after! Repair everything that is broken or broken, etc.

3. The royalties for songs, books, etc. Let's be realistic, this option is not for every tenth even. Not all of us have writers and musicians here.

4. They also recommend creating a selling site! And what and how he will sell write in general terms. Something like sell goods of their own production. But what then is passive income. This is a real job and a very active income. Because in addition to the production that you can do, you need to create a website, promote it, work with customers, etc.

5. Even trading is not a passive income. Here, it seems, money makes money. But at the helm it's still a man.


Therefore, in my opinion, the most passive income options are possible only if there is initially a lot of money:

1. Commercial real estate for rent. Very cool and great. Usually stores take premises for a long time. Therefore, if you managed to grab a piece of interesting real estate in a passing place, then it will be great. I live in a residential area and we have a lot of such premises for rent. But in view of the fact that the region is young and mostly young families live, it is very difficult to promote a profitable business here. Signs change one after another. Landlords for months can not rent space at very competitive prices.

2. Investments. At the moment I see a lot of offers from banks. Something like download the application "... bank-invest" and buy stocks, bonds, etc. with one tap. As an option, you can try, but again, initially the money should be decent. Nevertheless, this must be understood.

3. If you are a super professional in something, record a video course and sell it. The difficulty is that everything spreads very quickly on the Internet. And of course everyone will be looking for an option to download your course for free, and they will most likely find it! But of course there is an overwhelming majority who do not know what you can buy in a crumble or somewhere to find and download for free. Therefore, there is a chance to earn. But be prepared that after some time it will be necessary to come up with something else, write down and again promote sales. And for some time it will bring money.

4. You can become a shareholder of some successful company. But then again - this is how much you need to buy shares to live comfortably on dividends. At least a controlling stake is on hand


In general, do not worry! There is no such option. To have passive income, you still need to work hard!


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