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TrademarkNow — Software Smart Recognition Method

TrademarkNow is a legal startup based in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, which over the past few years has become an international innovative company. One of the first startups in the legal business, who managed to attract outside investors who previously belonged to such enterprises, to put it mildly, without enthusiasm, believing that high technology and jurisprudence with its gowns and wigs are two mutually exclusive concepts.

The idea of this startup was in the air. In any country in the world, no matter how developed, even in leading countries in the field of scientific and technological progress, such as the United States, the patenting process remains one of the main problems on the path of promoting innovative products on the market. Nerves, alteration of applications, addition of documents, clarification of relations between patent attorneys, their clients and employees of patent offices, the cost of patent attorneys, but most importantly, the time taken in years. It is on a scale of two to four or five years that the time is measured from the time a patent application is filed until the patent is received. Most of this time is taken by the sluggish current process of checking the patent purity of an invention or other (software, technical, selection) innovation submitted for registration. And the point here is not the slowness and sluggishness of patent office employees, although this is the case, but the fact that these employees are littered with mountains of paper, conduct several hundred cases on patent applications at the same time, and the proportion of manual labor in the study and examination of patent applications stays too high.

What did TrademarkNow offer to the market?

The software method of “smart recognition” of the main characteristics of patented objects based on the key elements of their description in patent applications and comparison of these characteristics with the characteristics of any other patented objects. The result of the program is the determination of a percentage number that shows the degree of patentability of the investigated object, including its novelty with respect to other similar or remotely similar, but already patented objects.

Any sensible inventor, before applying for a patent, tries to independently determine how original his invention is. Moreover, the giants of the world industry are doing this. Nobody wants to spend time and money on ultimately getting a refusal from the patent office. For them, the TrademarkNow software product provides an excellent and relatively cheap self-test method. Moreover, the program has in its database much more information about previously patented inventions than the inventor himself or even all the employees of the patent department of a large company can manually obtain and analyze. In addition, the use of the program eliminates the possibility of error due to carelessness or negligence.

The founders of TrademarkNow consider the creation of an extremely simple and convenient user interface as their special merit. It is designed to use a software product could a person who does not know anything about patents. Enter the dialog box only descriptive information about the invention, designate the jurisdiction of origin and planned patenting, as well as some corporate information.

The target audience for the distribution of the software product is business, but if there is demand, the program can be further developed for citizen users.

Since the main consumers of the product are large commercial organizations of high-tech areas of the economy, the TrademarkNow financial model is based on the principle of subscription, payment of which provides the opportunity to operate a constantly updated program from anywhere in the world through a virtual cloud connection. TrademarkNow is also considering an alternative financial model for charging fees for each session of using the program, which is more convenient for companies that are faced with the problems of patenting inventions from time to time, including law firms that act in the interests of their clients as a link between them and patent attorneys (trade mark attorney).

The limit of the TrademarkNow software product is obvious. It is determined by the level of computerization of state patent offices with which the company collaborates and from electronic databases of which it forms its research base. Despite such restrictions, the company's product is in demand by the market, it has proved its commercial usefulness and the prospect of further development.


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