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Initially, you need to decide which bonds we want to buy. For individuals, the list is in principle unlimited, the only possible condition is the presence of an intermediary (broker), although you can purchase bonds yourself.


In general, we have several options:

1. purchase through a broker (brokerage account or IMS);

2. purchase through investment companies and funds;

3. independent purchase.


Self purchase.

First, with a simple - with an independent purchase. In fact, this type works only on FLB, since they can be purchased directly from the bank and therefore everything is extremely straightforward. Although the yield of such bonds is quite close to the deposit.


Purchase through a broker.

Here you first need to choose a broker with whom we will work, and then the type of account, since different accounts have different conditions, IIS will probably be more suitable for long-term investment. Okay, suppose we have a broker, well or not, but there is a great desire to buy something, and with the highest possible yield.


The first question is where to find bonds.

Since the broker works with the exchange, you can directly watch offers on the MICEX. For a beginner, this can be quite difficult, but because I propose to start using aggregators that collect information on various offers.

Actually, there you can find a broker who is ready to help you.


Purchase through investment companies and funds.

In general, it is difficult to say whether this approach refers to the purchase of bonds, since we are rather buying a share in an investment company that will make investments for us, and we will only receive part of the income. Moreover, the fund will take a significant percentage of the profits, so to speak, "a fee for ignorance."



In general, I would like to talk separately about Eurobonds, since profitability in rubles does not surprise anyone, and sensational international bonds usually have quite high profitability.

Actually, here the options do not change much, only the option with independent purchase disappears. You can buy a share that will give the right to a share of the profit, that is, just make an investment in a specialized company, but this is not for us.

The second option is a broker. And here again there is a choice, because you can independently choose bonds on the MICEX, well, or another exchange that you got to.

Well, or you can again resort to the help of aggregators that collect information.

It is noticeable that the yield on foreign currency Eurobonds is several times higher than the rates on foreign currency deposits.


In conclusion, I would like to say that it is not so difficult to buy bonds, you just need to carefully choose a broker, but the selection of adequate corporate bonds that will actually be repaid is not an easy task.


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