When and how should you take a break from Forex trading?

When and how should you take a break from Forex trading?


2020-05-22 14:50:00

A break in trading must be done in some circumstances. For example, in the case of psychological problems of varying severity that pose a threat to the normal further work during the day or a longer time interval. The fact is that trading especially with the use of leverage and your own funds is an extremely difficult task for the nervous system.

There is a chance that a trader will start to make deals in a fit of feelings and emotions, and despite the fact that they can be profitable, relying on systematic good results is not worth it. In addition, there is such a disease as nervous exhaustion associated with stress and insufficient recovery of the nervous system, it leads to a huge number of diseases, including fatal ones, such as a heart attack or stroke, and traders experience nervous exhaustion regularly.

Therefore, at the first signs of this disease, it is worth stopping the trade and doing something else. Yes, it is possible that this will strike a blow at labor productivity, but it will preserve health.

It is also worth avoiding scalping, since with this type of trading stress is generated simply on an industrial scale in a very short time. This is due to the peculiarity of the human psyche, ten transactions per day are given as hard as 10 transactions per month, only in the second case there is more time to recover.

You should stop trading when the planned profitability results are achieved, perhaps this sounds strange. But as soon as the trader has earned a sufficiently large amount that can be invested in real estate, this must be done. So capital and nerves will be more intact. The fact is that no one can win all the time, and sooner or later there will come a series of mistakes, here it is worth to go on a conditional “pension” before this series comes.

It is not surprising that real successful traders quickly enough stopped regular speculative trading and switched to other types of earnings, that is, they wrote books, conducted seminars, engaged in long-term investments, but did not sit valuable days in front of the monitor.

It is worth stopping trading and when numerous unsuccessful transactions occur in a row, a person differs from a robot in that he can stop in time and think about his mournful affairs. That is, to analyze the failures and find the reason for their appearance. If this is not done, then at the moment when the trading system stops its work temporarily or permanently, a trade deposit will be lost. As the saying goes, if the train goes to a cliff, it is better to make a stop.

Well, of course, it is worth doing just regular breaks in trade, just for relaxation, in the end, absolutely everyone needs a weekend or vacation. There is no need to think and give any arguments, people just need a rest and that's it. Of course, there are cases when people instead of themselves leave the robot to trade and absolutely do not interfere in its work, and do not even follow it, but this is rare, as a rule, observing the robot gives stress no less than with personal trading and it is also worth relaxing. Best of all, of course, in this situation, traders working for companies with a limited working day, a stable salary and a normalized vacation, some also have a system.

In general, stopping trading from time to time is not only possible, but necessary.


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