Stocks Wide account types

Should I trade with Stocks Wide? Trader's overview and account types

2022-10-31 14:36:00

Trading in the Forex (foreign exchange market) starts with choosing the right broker. Rest assured: we have done all the hard work for you: we have compared the leading brokers in terms of reliability, speed and commissions and determined that Stocks Wide is the best in the business. Check out our detailed reviews, benefits and different features that will satisfy your needs.

About Stocks Wide

Stocks Wide is a company with a wide range of products that offers its customers the opportunity to trade indices, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and commodities. Stocks Wide is constantly expanding and improving its product line. Traders can choose a convenient type of Stocks Wide account depending on the type of assets they are looking for.

Stocks Wide accounts

The broker suggests a line of accounts for any wallet and interest. It is possible to start real trading from $500 and get the maximum service from $250000. In addition, there are, of course, demo accounts.

Stocks Wide account types:

Also 24/7 support is available for all Stocks Wide account types. There is an introductory discussion with an analyst for the basic account, and a full-time financial analyst for subsequent accounts. For top deposit accounts, there are weekly analytics and other incentives.

There are also Managed Account Types:

Managed account types provide the greatest list of services. Skilled financial advisors will continually follow progress and build personalized portfolios. The larger the down payment, the more comprehensive the assistance and service.

Wide trading platform and website

The Stocks Wide website is renowned for its knowledge base, which is available to all traders, enabling them to improve their skills.

Despite the large number of active users, the website and, most importantly, the trading platform operate steadily with a fast response time. Thus the platform enables efficient trading of scalping and other strategies that require fast systems.

The platform enables effective use of various analytical tools for technical analysis. Using a huge amount of tools at the same time does not overload the system and does not affect the platform's efficiency. According to the Stocks Wide strategy manager review the website and the trading platform are accessible almost all the time. There have only been a few times in our long history when technical work has made the website unavailable for a considerable period of time and this has been due to force majeure.

Wide market spreads

Stocks Wide market spread is an extremely important indicator that directly affects the profitability of trading with each particular broker. What is the most attractive is that exactly Stocks Wide Spread at a price less than the market average, which makes it possible to trade effectively on small price changes and always be in the black. Spreads in some jurisdictions are controlled by higher-ups. But you should not rely entirely on anonymous officials. We recommend that you carry out a regular Stocks Wide spread review by yourself.

Shortcomings of Stocks Wide

During the whole time of the review, we identified not so many shortcomings. Firstly, we were not always satisfied with non-English language support. Support in other languages proves to be slower. For efficient exchange trading you should surely know English, but you always want to get the best service.

In addition, the withdrawal tools are not as extensive. Withdrawals in cryptocurrency are not possible at the moment. This is due to legal restrictions imposed on a legal broker. Hopefully, the law will make it possible to expand the possibility of using bitcoin.

Third-party reviews of Stock Wide

The Stocks Wide review trustpilot leaves a positive overall impression. The comments are weighted, which adds confidence in the reliability of the broker. Having such a large customer base and a long period of work Stocks Wide hasn't received any trashy comments on this resource. Also a source of information worth listening to is Reddit. The Stocks Wide review on reddit shows that the broker concentrates a lot of knowledge on any subject, which is what is appreciated by traders. So if you compare the two sites, Stocks Wide review on trustpilot is the preferred one. Because more often than not, consumers are dissatisfied with the work of the moderators of the second site, who do a poor job.


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  1. guest review Jackson August 08.11.2022
    Stocks wide And the staff were amazing! I really like the program and the opportunity to trade my money through PA Account. They were magnificent throughout the process! We hope for our partnership for many years!
    1. guest review Park Leslie 11.11.2022
      A good program fair in relation to the final user. Excellent customer service through the Discord channel. The deadline for completing the task is not limited.
      1. guest review Riley John 14.11.2022
        I was with Stocks wide from time to time for about 7 years, and I can honestly say that each aspect of experience was exemplary. Customer service has always been excellent! I used to belong to the FB trading group, and when funded trading groups were discussed, which happened very often, I always recommended them.
        1. guest review Rice Peter 29.11.2022
          These financing companies provide really good services in terms of providing people with the opportunity to trade in the markets without losing shirts. Stocks wide deserves all kinds of success for the fact that in those first days she put people above profit. This is what distinguishes Stocks wide from the rest and the only reason why you would choose them as partners for work.
          1. guest review Beasley Bennett 11.12.2022
            I saw on the Stocks Wide website information about the provision of a bonus for new customers, but did not understand what conditions this bonus money is issued. I contacted technical support, the consultant reacted right there. He said that the money is issued at $ 2000.
            1. guest review Warren Christopher 17.12.2022
              I used to sell it independently, but then I decided to try the Stocks Wide to connect the robot. Stocks Wide has several to choose from. So far I can say that the robot suits me, there are no critical attacks. Over the past week, the robot earned more than 30%. Over the past six months, it was possible to close with a profit of more than 85% of transactions. Try it yourself, maybe even more.
              1. guest review Brown Roger 18.12.2022
                The fact that Stocks Wide is ideal and work without flaws is not, but they can always write in support or call and get a intelligible answer. Plus, everyone has their own experience with brokers and it can be very different in two people.
                1. guest review Ford George 29.12.2022
                  I do not cease to be surprised at the sophistication of Stocks Wide specialists. I'm afraid my review about the broker can be too laudable, but I really have nothing to say bad about them. I will be short!
                  1. guest review Singleton Steven 11.01.2023
                    Once I addressed the Stocks Wide broker in client support, they gave an answer in a day. I quickly think, given my region. So all interactions with the broker, including payments, are held regularly. There is nothing to complain about.
                    1. guest review Black Dennis 23.01.2023
                      I noticed that Forex Broker Stocks Wide is already at a fairly high level. The liquidity of the Forex broker is much better than the rest and the spreads are optimal for them.
                      1. guest review Marshall Richard 25.01.2023
                        The degree of protection is high, the commission is not minimal, but quite normal, they do not cut much profit. You just need to trade in a normal volume and regularly, and not to sit to wait for one super -high transaction. Then the tariffs of normal Stocks Wide broker will seem normal.
                        1. guest review Blair Williamя 28.01.2023
                          I agree that Stocks Wide Broker is cool and precisely for me, it helped that there is an analytical portal in your personal account. I very quickly pumped my competence there as a trader and I no longer consider myself a beginner.