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Let's see Forex pros and cons, for example take Trendsmacro forex broker


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Forex broker (like Trendsmacro broker) is a company that provides an individual's access to financial markets (Forex, stock market). In simple terms: a broker is an intermediary between the exchange and the trader. Its role is very important for trading. It determines how quickly and efficiently orders will be executed, the size of the commission, the conditions for depositing / withdrawing funds. It is also worth remembering that we trust this company to keep the money that we use for trading.

Let's see Forex pros and cons:

Such properties of the forex market as a significant volume of turnover, volatility, and global structure, contributed to the rise of its popularity among investors. Thanks to the high level of liquidity, investors are able to conduct very large transactions without affecting the exchange rate. Large positions are available to traders due to low margin requirements in the industry.

We can name comparatively low barriers of entry as a major advantage of this market. For example, according to SEC requirements, a trader for intraday trading in the stock market must keep a minimum of $ 2,500,000 in his account. To access the futures markets, brokers require the trader to have margin collateral and maintain a minimum amount of several thousand dollars on the account.

Next great this about it is the possibility of active round-the-clock trading. On the Forex market, you can find active currency pairs for trading at any time of the day. Forex is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. For many traders, Forex trading is a way to earn extra money, so full-time people have the opportunity to conclude Forex trades after or before their main job. You can also track price movements on the market around the clock using Forex charts.

There are free quotes and software on Forex, unlike the futures and stock markets, where traders have to pay for their software for technical analysis and get a quote, with some traders even paying a monthly fee for the trading platform. Almost all Forex brokers provide traders with excellent trading platforms for free, as well as Forex charts that reflect the latest news and market analysis. Trendsmacro reviews show that its platform is highly valued with in the traders community.

And last but not least, here comes the possible absence of commissions. In Forex, traders pay the bid / ask spread to enter the market. Spread is the difference between buying and selling currencies, which can be determined by analyzing Forex charts. It should be noted that this spread can represent significant transaction costs, but in general it is the only fee for the broker's services.


Disadvantages of Forex

Forex is not centrally regulated – there are only local rules that have the authority here. And there are special license providers that watch over this regulation in their region.

Market is unstable. And that’s an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. In order to trade here, you need to use stop orders, which guaranties that you will take your profit or stop your loss before it’s too late.

Market has a number of situations when the broker does not fulfil its obligations. As a rule, the way to avoid dishonest actions is to choose reputable brokers with good capitalization.

Charts are very dynamic, and it’s hard to monitor them – especially if you want to check if charts that you’re using are right or wrong. Right now, the function of managing foreign exchange reserves currently belongs to central banks, on their websites you can, by analyzing Forex charts, get acquainted with the directions of currency movement.

Quite wide bid / ask spreads. Quite a few brokers for major currency pairs have spreads of about 3 pips. This suggests that when trading a standard lot of $ 100,000, the trader must pay $ 30. Therefore, when entering the market, traders immediately receive minus 3 points. In this case, the market must move by as much as 4 points in the required direction only for the trader to be able to earn $ 10 on this trade.


What do we know about Trendsmacro


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Republic of the Marshall Islands

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Republic of the Marshall Islands

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Customer Service






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GMT +2

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Scalping allowed:



Account types:

Traders can instantly get the Bronze account at Trendsmacro forex broker for the standard deposit of $250. It supports only most necessary for trading options and services, and yet it allows its users to enter the market and gain profits. There are no resources bolted behind paywalls or limits that would compel you to update the software – you can stay on this account type as long as you like, or move forward to the next.

Then again, the accounts that require more investments shows improved conditions and more perspective highlights. All the line of products require certain experience in the trading field, and the more you invest, the more options you get. Furthermore, as we mentioned in Trendsmacro broker survey, some of these advantages are most important, like personal manager.

After checking the whole account terms, we can state that the broker provides perhaps the most attractive service list we've seen. Along these lines, here's an overview of each account type, so you can see which is best for you:

Trendsmacro broker

Trendsmacro scam protection

Broker strive to give the most positive exchanging conditions and the best client assistance, and Trendsmacro broker system is closely connected with the main monetary organizations in every district the organization works in. As of now, Trendsmacro forex broker has considerable connections in Europe and Asia with main liquidity suppliers.

For a business that is opened during an extraordinarily 2020 year, it dealt with the circumstances like a pro. Therefore, even as another broker, it appears as though it's set up to play big.


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  1. guest review Johannes 27.02.2021
    I started here and am very glad that I chose this place. I was lucky with my manager. He was very patient, he told me the basics of trading. Today I could already teach someone myself. For this level, I did not have to look for information elsewhere – everything you need to know about deals and strategies is told in this company. The main thing is that it brings tangible income.
    1. guest review Ned 03.03.2021
      I recommend this broker to everyone to take the first steps in trading. Here you will find a sensitive attitude, where you will feel – they do not want to cash in on you, but you are taught to be attentive, to react correctly to trends, to see these trends…
      1. guest review David 09.03.2021
        I've heard that spreads are really low here, but are they stable? I'm especially interested in weekend deals, so if there are any weekend traders reading this, please enlighten me!
        1. guest review Melker 13.03.2021
          Is this broker consistently offering such favorable conditions or is it just a temporary ploy for new clients? Who has been working with him for more than a month, write your impressions, please. I plan to bet short and long.
          1. guest review Peter 17.03.2021
            All that I once wanted from trading was to get more profit. But I got much more – invaluable life experience, the ability to analyze a situation and see its positive potential. This is the philosophy that this broker taught me.
            1. guest review Antony 24.03.2021
              How do these super low spreads usually behave? I came here for them. They write a lot about this broker, I want to try
              1. guest review Tobias 31.03.2021
                I'm doing weekend deals here. Everything suits me. We managed to make good money last time. If you have any problems, just check with your account manager.
                1. guest review Jhon Dou 03.04.2021
                  There are practically no technical problems with this broker, and the trading conditions are maximally aimed at generating income. With long or short positions, you can still benefit.
                  1. guest review Met 07.04.2021
                    Traders who are long here, what are your impressions of this service? Does it make sense to enter a trade? That's how I really like everything, at first glance.
                    1. guest review Ludvig H. 11.04.2021
                      Whatever you do here, don't be hasty to switch to other broker. This company has a peculiar quality of opening more and more great things to you as the cooperation goes on. I've been a long-time client now, and I'm still not sure I know it all.
                      1. guest review Elias 15.04.2021
                        It's easy to try new tactics here that never crossed your mind. The team has a maximum of tools for trading and you can learn all smart moves.
                        1. guest review Jacob 21.04.2021
                          Don't rush to change your broker. Especially considering what is happening in the market in connection with covid and lockdown. Do you want to earn more? Ask the manager how. I'm sure you don't know your strategy as well as an experienced professional will see.
                          1. guest review Jorge 02.05.2021
                            Started 3 weeks ago. The best thing is that I have a feeling of a real trading. I had no such experience, and demo account seemed for me as a game or so. Waiting to earn my first real euros.
                            1. guest review Carlos 05.05.2021
                              Like to trade long-term deals. MT4 gives me all instruments I need. All stats and graphs are clear with no weird jumps or strange details.
                              1. guest review Bernard 10.05.2021
                                I had to wait for 10 hours for my withdrawal once. The others went more smoothly. I have been trading here for 3 months already.
                                1. guest review Osborn 14.05.2021
                                  I have been cooperating with the company for over half a year. During this time, I got great pleasure from the work, because I never worried about the unreliability of the broker and the probable problems with the withdrawal. This was not the case, so I am satisfied. I recommend the broker to everyone.
                                  1. guest review Camron 23.05.2021
                                    I trade on the stock exchange with a broker. It is very convenient to work through this broker. Hassle-free deposit and withdrawal of funds, plus the company provides free analytics. I have already managed to earn a considerable amount. Therefore, do not doubt the honesty and reliability of the broker. Now my friends make money with it, and everything is flawless.
                                    1. guest review Benjamin James 04.06.2021
                                      I have some experience in the finances, but I haven’t tried trading before, so I was a bit overwhelmed. Luckily this company has very professional employees who helped me out, and even some who spoke my language.
                                      1. guest review Ronald Harper 15.06.2021
                                        In last few months I opened positions mostly for gold and silver, because it’s the safest option. Well, conditions for metals here are better than in most places. Company support is great too, they helped me a lot when I had some questions.
                                        1. guest review Salvador Bishop 23.06.2021
                                          A cup of coffee and seeing green zone on charts is all I need in the morning. I’m sure I will close positive balance by 25% in July, like in the last month.